Bio images yo!


Bohrok! Bohrok attack in swarms. They are evil beasts (and beasts are an nice name for them). When I feel like it I will post pictures of them. I am gathering more info but you could go to Kanohi-Power or Mask of Destiny... Not only Bohrok are the new badguys there also Bohrok Va. Bohrok Va are something like Turaga and Bohrok Toa (something to think about). Bohrok Va think more then Bohrok cuz Bohrok are rely more on brute force (expecialy hothead Tahnok). Info on Bohrok and Bohrok Va. -Bohrok don't were Kanohi but Krana. -Krana are brains of Bohrok. Krana launch into some kind of creature (like Turaga, Tohunga etc.) and take the victum over. -Bohrok are easy to defeat without Krana. -Krana have special powers.